“Where’s Bounty!?” You ask.

“Hold that thought-” I reply.

ANNOUNCEMENT! You can now buy Physical and Digital copies of Bounty Chapters!

  • To buy physical copies, visit my Big Cartel Shop! [I also have an artbook available!]
  • To buy digital copies, visit my Gumroad Shop! [I also have some older short comics available!]

Chapters 1 and 2, I’ve included a little bit of concept art in the booklets as well!

(I have also experimented with a few other shops like Society6 and Redbubble which are linked to [Here] )

Alright so! Bounty! The next chapter is fully written! Woo!

However! I took on too much freelance and it is ALL DUE SOON! I’ve got most of it out of the way now, but unfortunately that means I do not have Chapter 3 thumbnailed yet, and I can’t start drawing until I get that done. AND I won’t be able to get started on that until later¬†this month. As you might guess, Bounty does not bring in the dough at this time (Workin’ on some stuff for that! If you’re a keener maybe look up Bounty Comic on Patreon, otherwise I’ll announce that later), so it’s not the only thing I do! I try to keep it pretty forefront in priorities but sometimes it has to get set on the backburner! I’m itching to get back to drawing it though, and hopefully you’re itching to read it! Thanks for sticking with me in the meantime!


Well luckily, I have lined up some COOL GUEST ART the next few weeks! So check out the site each week to see them!

In March I’ll update you where things are at again!