FINAL EDIT: Computer is fixed right and proper! New page good to go and scheduled for January 19th!

EDIT: Computer won’t boot again!

Messed around with hard-drives and stuff and still won’t boot so there’s probably a different problem. Gonna take it in to a repair shop tomorrow, something I have never done in my life, but the problem is baffling me! In the meantime, my break is over, and so I’ll be doing planning ahead sketches and seeing what I can get done on my laptop.

If all goes well, Bounty should resume it’s updating schedule on the 19th!

EDIT: Got my computer booted! Backed up files!

I’ll be taking a break for a while, taking a holiday so I can play some games I’ve not had time to, and so I can get a bit of a buffer again (I had one, but then I had to use it for a family visit!) to prevent these sorts of things from happening again! I hate having this sort of thing happen without notice!

TL,DR: Page is delayed till I can pull it off of my hard-drive and finish colouring it.

Hey friends,

My computer won’t boot, I’ve tried a few things, I’ve even unplugged my DVDRW drive cuz it was making funny noises. I have a backup computer that I’m thinking of plugging my hard-drive into, but I’d like to try some more stuff for the main computer first. Maybe google some stuff too. But it’ll take some time and I no longer have enough time to finish colouring the page tonight and I’m tired so I thought I’d just go ahead and let you all know that the page is going to be delayed for the time being. I figure it’ll probably be up some time tomorrow, but no guarantees at this point!

Thanks for your patience, all, and my apologies!